Pearl White Necklace with Claycult Green Pendant

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Extra Long Necklace Fair Trade.

>Classic multi-strand elegant twisted pearl white seed bead necklace with a tree of life green Claycuit Cambodia {fair trade} pendant. The pendant is handmade in Cambodia by the women of Women Helping Women Mission. The 12 strands of pearl white seed beads necklace is a gorgeous length of 30 inch handmade in the USA. A sterling silver bail attaches the pendant to the necklace. Very elegant necklace. One of a kind long Necklace.
  • 12 strands of pearl white seed necklace length 30" handmade in the USA
  • Sterling Silver Bail
  • 55mm handmade ClayCult Cambodia Tree of Life pendant
  • Model is 5'8"

A great choice for date night. Classic enough for the office.