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The great thing about beaded jewelry is that the sky is the limit when finding unique colors and styles to accessorize with your favorite outfit. For example, a simple black suit can be kicked up a notch with an unexpected punch of color from a red beaded necklace. On the other hand, a black bead necklace can add a sense of understated elegance to a variety of looks. Beaded jewelry can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire, which makes it an incredibly versatile category of fine jewelry. 

As you know, beads can be crafted from almost any material, including stone, glass, wood, ceramics and more. Their unique construction means that they can come in almost any size and shape, so they are an excellent material for crafting specialized artisan jewelry. At VP’s Jewelry Boutique, we scour the globe to find the most beautiful beads, and then utilize our artistic creativity to craft unique fashion jewelry. We know that your jewelry is the ultimate avenue for expressing your personal style, so we try to craft items that run the gamut from small and simple to big and bold. For example, if you like jewelry with an especially funky flair, an unusual wooden bead necklace can show off your eclectic style. If you want a look that is as bold as it is exotic, our Big Bold African Bead Necklace is truly a statement piece of jewelry. Whatever your personality, we have that perfect something special just for you.

As part of our efforts to promote equality in the global marketplace, VP’s Jewelry makes every effort to source as many of our beads through fair trade practices as possible. We believe in supporting the rights of women around the world to make a living wage. In addition to our support of fair trade, we utilize glass and ceramic beads made right here in the USA. We are also always looking for ways to remain eco-conscious, and utilize sustainable materials whenever possible, such as beads made from the nuts of South American palm trees.

Designer Jewelry in an outstanding bold look that will work for the board room. You have an air of confidence wearing this rare gemstone beaded statement necklace.