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Say You Care with Awareness Jewelry Jewelry with purpose

  1. Pink awareness rhinestone earrings
  2. Lime Green Awareness Leather Cord Bracelet Unisex - VP's Jewelry
  3. Classic ultra-light pink PVC  cord bracelet with silver buckle clasp & awareness ribbon
  4. Grey Leather Cord Awareness Ribbon Bracelet Buckle Clasp - VP's Jewelry
  5. Small teal & white awareness ribbon earrings
  6. Teal & White Awareness Flat Leather Bracelet Buckle Style - VP's Jewelry
  7. Orchid Awareness Narrow Flat Leather Bracelet Buckle Style - VP's Jewelry
  8. Purple Metallic Leather Cord Awareness Bracelet - VP's Jewelry
  9. Handmade Pink Awareness Artisan Bead Bracelet - VP's Jewelry
  10. Classic bight rainbow PVC  cord bracelet with awareness ribbon
  11. Purple awareness ribbon charm earrings
  12. Small Green awareness ribbon earrings
  13. Awareness Bracelet in Grey Leather - VP's Jewelry
  14. Pink Awareness Cuff Leather Bracelet - VP's Jewelry
  15. Buy pink awareness vegan cork bracelet
  16. Rose Pink Awareness Leather Bracelet - VP's Jewelry
  17. purple awareness crystal bracelet
  18. Buy Affordable Pink Awareness Key Chain
  19. Sexual Assault Awareness Leather Bracelet - VP's Jewelry
  20. Sparkly purple rhinestone ribbon awareness earrings
  21. Buy sparkly teal rhinestone ribbon awareness earrings
  22. Rainbow Awareness Ribbon Charm Earrings
  23. Blue Awareness leather key chain
  24. Grey Awareness Leather Bracelet Braided - VP's Jewelry
  25. Red White & Blue Leather Bracelet with Anchor Focus - VP's Jewelry
  26. Show your support for our Arm Forces and Veteran with these American flag ribbon earrings
  27. White Awareness Leather Cuff Bracelet Unisex - VP's Jewelry
  28. White Lung Cancer Awareness Portuguese Cork Bracelet - VP's Jewelry
  29. Domestic Violence Awareness Bracelet in Purple Leather - VP's Jewelry
  30. Awareness White Leather Bracelet - VP's Jewelry
  31. Buy pink awareness cotton cord bracelet
  32. White Awareness Leather Cord Bracelet - VP's Jewelry
  33. Pink Awareness Leather Braided Bracelet - Dusty Pink - VP's Jewelry