How Kazuri beads are made

How Kazuri Beads is Made Each Fair Trade Kazuri bead is made by hand, which means that each individual bead is a work of art. These beads are made in Kenya and shipped to be sold in certain areas of the world. More than 350 local Kenyan women are able to provide money for their families because of the production of these beads. There is a very specific method that is used to make the beads: First, the bead needs to be shaped by hand to create the right size and fit for the piece of jewelry. Once the bead has been shaped, it is hand painted to create a unique design on every bead. Since everything is done by hand, there are no two beads that are the same.

Types of Kazuri Jewelry

There are various types of jewelry that is made with Kazuri beads. One staple for many women is a nice necklace, which can be paired with Kazuri bracelets and Kazuri bead earrings. The best approach is to have several different colors and styles, so that you always have options to wear handmade jewelry with any outfit. Try this Kazuri Pink necklace  

You can learn more about handmade jewelry, and see some of these beautiful creations, by browsing through the pages on our website. We provide only the highest quality jewelry that is available so that you can enjoy the beauty that you deserve. If you have any questions about these handmade beads, or if you would like assistance so that you can find the jewelry that matches your needs,.

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