Clear Crystal Quartz Cube Necklace - Gold Accents

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Exquisite Clear Crystal [Rock Crystal] Quartz Necklace

This intriguing designer handmade gemstone necklace features rock crystal cubes hung diagonally for a unique look accented with shades of gold Czech crystal beads. Exclusive VP's Jewelry one-of-a-kind necklace. This 17 inch necklace is completes with a 14k gold filled box clasp.The points of the cubes are polished, so they are smooth and comfortable against the skin. The Ancients believed that clear quartz was water from the heavens that the gods had frozen into eternal ice. This belief continued to exist as late as the 16th century when even scientists believed that quartz crystal was fossilized ice. 

  • 8mm rock cyrstal quartz cube beads
  • 4mm gold Czech crystal beads.
  • 14K gold filled clasp
  • 17" length

This one of a kind gemstone necklace would be a prefect accent for any occasion. Exclusive VPs' design to hi-lites your neckline. This stunning dramatic handmade gemstone necklace has a very cool look. Rock crystal is a member of the quartz family of gemstones. This clear crystal quartz necklace is unique and dramatically different.