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Pink Opal Gemstone Pendant Necklace Heirloom-quality Handmade

  • $198.99

Stunning Rare Australian Pink Opal Pendant with Peruvian Pink Opal Necklace.

A rare Australian Pink hand cut big designer pendant is hung on a double strand of Peruvian pink gemstone nuggets for an alluring look. This heirloom-quality pink gemstone pendant necklace will made a stunning addition to your office wardrobe. This 18 inch pink opal necklace is completes with a sterling silver box clasp. Pair this rare gemstone pendant necklace with your basic black suit for the classic elegant boardroom look. You will be confident wearing this exquisite pink opal necklace when you are the star of that meeting.
  • 45 by 35mm rare Australian pink opal pendant
  • 5 to 9mm Peruvian pink opal nuggets
  • sterling silver bail and clasp
  • Length 18 inches

For the woman who wants heirloom-quality in her jewelry than this big hand cut designer rare Australian pink opal pendant is hung from 2 strand of Peruvian pink opal nuggets necklace is for her. Alluring rare pink opal pendant necklace. Exclusive VP's design on a one of a kind necklace.