Multi Gemstone Jasper and Peridot Pendant Necklace

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Designer Impression Jasper pendant necklace - Multi-color gemstone necklace - Multi Gemstone Necklace

A unique mixed multi-colored impression jasper pendant and beads are featured in this unusual multi gemstone designer necklace. Peridot and red jasper beads enhance the look. This gemstone necklace will offer you a lot of varsity to enhance your office wardrobe. An affordable gemstone necklace that will be in style now and in years to come. A go to unique multi gemstone necklace for the weekend getaway with your beast friend. This multi gemstone necklace will look good with jean for that sightseeing tour or with a dress for dinner. Handmade in USA

  • 30mm mixed jasper pendant
  • 5mm peridot beads
  • gold filled clasp
  • 10mm red jasper beads
  • 15 by 10 mixed jasper beads

Classic Stone Necklace