Turquoise Teardrop Earrings Mexican Turquoise Earrings

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Beautiful aqua turquoise teardrop earrings.

These Mexican turquoise drop earrings feature campo frio Mexican turquoise teardrop. Sterling silver french ear wires and bail complete these handcrafted turquoise earring. These earring drops is 2 inches for a bold look. In ancient Mexico, turquoise was reserved for the gods and could not be worn by mere mortals. In the United States South West, the Apache believed that turquoise helped warriors and hunters to aim accurately. The Zuni believed that it protected them from demons. Another belief was that turquoise had the power to protect the wearer from injury from falling, especially falling from horse-back, and that it made the horse more sure footed.

  • 25 by 36 designer cut turquoise teardrop cabochons
  • Sterling Silver ear wires
  • Sterling silver bail

The turquoise was mined in Mexico at the Campo Frio mine.