Agate and Handmade Lampwork Bead Necklace

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Gemstone Necklace

Splendid Necklace in an Unique Asymmetric Design.

This handsome handmade gemstone necklace features graduating rain forest agate beads accented with a splendid handmade artisan bead. Tiny agate beads and a sterling silver beads and toggle clasp complete this 19 inch gemstone and handmade bead necklace. Classic yet unique best describes this handmade bead necklace. Rain forest agates used in this necklace range in color form golden brown to cream with a touch of pale green. Each one in a different pattern only natural gemstone produce. Wear this unique gemstone bead necklace with confidence that your good taste in fine jewelry is showcased. Handmade in USA

  • 25mm handmade Artisan Bead
  • 8mm sterling silber beads
  • 20 to 25mm rain forest agate beads
  • Sterling silver clasp

For the woman who wants exquisite handmade jewelry that this Rain Forest Agate Necklace is for her