Handmade Apple Green Kazuri Necklace Fair Trade Beads

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Intriguing Handmade Green Kazuri Necklace Big Bold Design

This handmade African inspired bead necklace features green apple kazuri beads pair with big Kazuri Cleopatra beads. This 21 inch African bead necklace is finished with a large sterling silver toggle clasp. This handmade Big Bold Kazuri Necklace in Granny Smith apple green African beads is a winner. Not only do you get this winning designed necklace but you can help support the women of Kenya who made these beautiful beads. VP's Jewelry Boutique specializes in jewelry made with fair trade beads from around the world. Buying a fair trade Kazuri jewelry helps support the women of Kenya to a better life and you have a fascinating handmade necklace. We buy our Kazuri beads from authorized dealers only to insure that the profits from the sale of these Kazuri beads are return to the workers at Kazuri Bead Company of Kenya.

  • 10mm green apple kazuri beads
  • 25mm Kazuri beads
  • 35mm Kazuri Cleopatra beads
  • Sterling silver clasp

Now Available this Winner 1st place In A Kazuri Bead Necklace Contest.

Learn more about the beautiful handmade Kazuri beads at The Kazuri Story We purchase our Kazuri beads from authorized Kazuri dealer only, This insures that you are getting only authentic Fair Trade Kazuri beads and that the women of Kazuri share in the benefits of their labor. Empower women all over the world with a purchase of Fair Trade Products. Socially conscious Jewelry benefits both you with a unique beautiful piece of jewelry and the women who made the beads with a fair wage and better working conditions