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Fair Trade Bead Earrings - Socially Conscious Jewelry

These handcrafted African bead earrings feature Kazuri light green peacock and forest green lentil accented with new jade. These handmade earrings drop 1 1/2 inches for sterling silver french ear wires. The handmade beads used in these earrings were made in Kenya from local clay. Help the women of Kenya with the purchase of these handmade Kazuri earring. 

Exclusive VP's design in a one of a kind fair trade bead earring. VP's is proud to announce that we purchase all of our fair trade beads from authorized dealers only. Thus we can be sure that the workers who labor to product the lovely beads we use in our jewelry reap the rewards of their labor.

  • 25mm Kazuri light green peacock and forest green lental Kazuri beads
  • 6mm new jade.beads
  • Sterling silver ear wires