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Whimsical Amethyst and Purple Jasper Bib Necklace

  • $69.98

Exclusive VP's design one of a kind gemstone bib necklace

Very unique necklace featuring  amethyst beads and a focus made of three purple jasper beads. These three bead are cut to match for a bib affect. This 19 inch whimsical necklace is finished with a cute toggle clasp. Are you looking for a unique look in a necklace? It here in this whimsical amethyst and jasper necklace.
  • 8mm and 6mm amethyst beads
  • 50 by 38mm and 40 by 30mm cut to match trio of jasper beads
  • silver clasp

Looking for that one of a kind whimsical gemstone bib necklace? Try this amethyst and jasper combo exclusive design from VP's. Best Buy in a unique handmade gemstone necklace.