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Big Bold Gold and Green Exotic Bead Necklace

  • $374.99

Olive Green Statement Handmade Beaded Bead Necklace Big Bold & Exotic

This 18 inch chunky gold and green bead necklace features exotic green handmade beaded beads from Nepal. These handmade big beads range in size from 8mm to 25mm. This one of a kind necklace is accented with 24K gold plated beads and a toggle clasp. What a rare and exotic accessory this designer big bold statement olive green necklace would be to your business suit or a show piece for evening wear. A exotic gold and green bead necklace would be a great gift for the women who want fashion jewelry that says sophistication. Handmade in USA.

  • 8mm to 25mm exotic beaded beads from Nepal
  • 20 & 25mm 24K gold plated beads
  • 24K gold plated beads toggle clasp.