Aqua Terra Jasper Necklace Earrings and Leather Bracelet

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Designer choice aqua terra jasper and beige pendant necklace and leather bracelet set.

This exquisite set features an aqua terra jasper 18 inch necklace with a 40 by 30 aqua terra jasper pendant, filigree and matching jasper earrings and a beige texture licorice leather bracelet with lampwork focal slides. A classic gemstone necklace is paired with silver filigree and aqua terra jasper earrings with a 1 1/2 inch drop from sterling silver french ear wires.The beige licorice leather 7 3/4 inch bracelet features beige and aqua artisan slides and ionized silver magnetic clasp. Great choice for office and beyond. This aqua terra jasper necklace and earring with a beige regaliz bracelet is a great buy that will remain a classic set for years.

  • 30 by 40mm Aqua Terra Jasper Pendant
  • 8mm Aqua Terra Jasper beads
  • Filigree Earrings
  • 10 by 6mm Beige Leather
  • 10 by 5mm artisan handmade beads

For the woman who wants a complete look