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This rare petrified dinosaur bone bead necklace with Thai silver accents is very sophisticated. Here petrified dinosaur bone beads are accented with a Big Thai endless knot bead and silver beads for a dramatic look. This 18 inch handmade exotic bead necklace is finished with a crystal and sterling silver box clasp. Match endless knot silver earrings are available to complete this exotic look. You will wear this handmade rare bead necklace with confidence no matter what the setting is - boardroom or casual dinner with friends at the local Bistro.. Handmade in America. Exclusive

  • 8 to 18mm petrified dinosaur bone beads
  • 30mm Thai endless knot bead
  • 4mm silver beads
  • crystal sterling silver box clasp.

Sophisticated, dramatic, darning, and eclectic describes this one of a kind exotic rare bead necklace made with petrified dinosaur bone beads. The colors of these beads highlight the yellow to tan tints of petrified beads.