Rare Petrified Dinosaur Bone Beaded Handmade Necklace

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"Handcrafted Rare Gemstone Necklace Classic Look

Exclusive VP's design in a one of a kind handmade very sophisticated and quiet unique upscale color called concert gemstone necklace. Graduating petrified dinosaur bone beads will encircle you with a cool confidence. These rare rustic beads show a usual texture and colors of tones of grey, accented with dark rose and mysterious black. No two of these beads are the quiet the same. Not the kind of necklace you will see in a department store. Pair this handmade bone beaded necklace with a classy pair of silver earrings for that one of a kind look. This rare petrified dinosaur bone bead necklace would be a great choice for a unique striking look in office wear.

  • Graduating 8mm to 12mm petrified dinosaur bone beads
  • Distinct sterling silver clasp
  • Length 18 1/2