Big Bold Pink Necklace with Exotic Handmade Seed Bead Accents

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Designer Handmade pink bead Necklace unique combo of resin nuggets and handmade beaded beads

A big bold handmade necklace is made with handmade exotic seed beads and big bold resin nuggets. Elegant sophisticated and beautiful come to mind when describing this pink seed bead and resin nugget necklace, This handmade bead necklace features big resin beads in shape of pink, beaded seed beads handmade in Nepal in shades of pink and big bold sterling silver focus bead. The exotic asymmetric design of this handmade necklace showcases the shade of pink of the resin beads and the handmade seed beads. This handcrafted 19 inch beaded handmade necklace is finished with a sterling silver hook and eye clasp. This big bold pink unique necklace is a must for the spring. This bright and cheery seed bead and resin necklace would be a great statement necklace for the office.

  • 15mm resin nugget beads
  • 4, 10 & 20mm pink handmade beaded beads
  • 40mm sterling silver bead
  • Sterling silver clasp