Handmade Necklace in Tagua Nut and Poppy Jasper accented with Copper

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Classic handcrafted gemstone and tagua nut necklace with copper accents for a unique twist

A unique eco-friendly South American tagua nut and poppy jasper handmade necklace. Eco-friendly palm ivory is combined with a poppy jasper gemstone for this designer necklace. A cool asymmetric fashion necklace design. This beaded designer necklace features graduated poppy jasper beads accented with a big orange tagua nut and copper beads. This 20 inch unique beaded necklace is finished with a sterling silver and copper toggle clasp. What a pretty gemstone and copper bead necklace to add a unique look to your office attire. A jasper handcrafted necklace is a good jewelry investment. An affordable price for top quality gemstone handcrafted one of a kind necklace. Always in style.

  • Big 40 by 25mm Eco-friendly Tagua nut
  • 15 by 10 to 20 by15mm graduation poppy jasper bead
  • Copper accents
  • Copper clasp
  • Length 20"