Big Bold Fluorite Nugget Necklace Double Strand

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Big Bold Jewelry with WOW. Gemstone Chunky Statement Necklace

This Big Bold Fluorite Nugget Necklace features a double strand of 20 by 12mm big rainbow fluorite nuggets accented with 6mm rainbow fluorite rounds. A sterling silver hook and eye clasp completes the 17 1/2 and 18 1/2 inch handmade necklace. This Big Bold Fluorite Nugget Necklace is from VP's Big and Bold Statement Collection of fine jewelry. Best buy in a big bold necklace. Classy enough for the office when you need to make a statement about your confidence.
  • 20 by 12mm & 6mm rainbow fluorite nuggets
  • Sterling silver hook & eye clasp
  • Length 17 1/2" & 18 1/2"

Chunky Statement fluorite gemstone neck wear for the woman who want a big bold look in her jewelry.