Handmade Kazuri Bangle Bracelet in Aqua and Gold

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Fashion inspired Handmade Kazuri Bangle Bracelet Fair Trade Bead Bracelet

This gold and aqua African Kazuri bangle bracelet features a handmade 25mm aqua and 14K gold coin and 2 10mm aqua and gold African fair trad Kazuri Beads. This exclusive VP design fashion inspired African handmade bangle bracelet is accented with 14K gold filled 5mm round beads, 2 14K gold filled wrist noodle tubes and 2 8mm aquamarine beads. A Vermeil toggle clasp completes this 8 inch handmade bracelet. This gold and aqua African Kazuri bangle noodle bracelet would shine on your wrist. Classic in design and yet very elegant African fashion bracelet. Prefect for that spring time look that will go through the summer. This Kazuri bracelet offers you a pretty accent to any outfit. Great for evening but not to sparkly for the office. We have a matching Kazuri necklace and earrings to complete the set.