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Unisex Large Turquoise Potato Nugget Neck Wear

  • $139.95

Big Bold Turquoise Nugget Unisex Necklace.

Classic turquoise neck wear to encircle your neckline with big bold turquoise potato nuggets. This necklace can be warn by either a man or a woman. It is 19" in length and is finished with a sterling silver toggle clasp. A true rustic turquoise look to the big potato nugget beads gives you an one of a kind neck wear. Turquoise is always a stylish choice in jewelry and will remain in style for years. Turquoise jewelry dates back to the ancient Egyptian. For centuries, the most valuable turquoise came from Iran (Persia) but today most specimens used in jewelry is mined in the southwestern United States & Mexico. Native American utilized turquoise for their jewelry for centuries.

  • 10 by 15mm turquoise potato nuggets
  • Sterling silver clasp
  • Length 19 inches

Turquoise necklaces are always a good investment they are a timeless fashionable accessory.

Exclusive VP's design in a big bold turquoise potato nugget necklace. Design for either a man or woman this unisex necklace offers you a great classic look in turquoise.