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Translucent Green Pendant Necklace Prehnite Gemstone

  • $129.98

Classic Pendant Necklace.

Lustrous icy pale green pendant necklace. Heirloom-quality Gemstone Prehnite

This almost translucent green prehnite gemstone pendant necklace on silver chain features a 36 by 21mm designer cut prehnite (icy lime with a hint of creamy white) pendant hung from an 19 inch 4mm twisted sterling silver chain. This prehnite gemstone pendant necklace on silver chain is from our top-of-the-line Classic Gemstone Collection of fine handmade jewelry. This lustrous green classic pendant necklace works well in the business world but would look great as an accent with a black cocktail dress. Matching earrings as show below are available. Pair this translucent pale green gemstone necklace with the matching earrings and you will have the perfect cruise wear accessory.