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Look what we have a unique designer gemstone bead necklace. This Sun Jade designer cut necklace is made with graduating sun jade beads. Sun Jade is also known as new jade. This designer necklace is finished with a sterling silver toggle clasp. This outstanding handmade designer necklace is a classic.
  • 10 by 6 to 12 by 10mm Sun Jade aka new jade barrel beads
  • 6 to 12mm round sun jade beads
  • 4mm peridot beads
  • Sterling silver clasp
  • Length 22"
Sun jade necklace made with designer cut jade beads. Sun jade gives you a very pale iridescent green color making this necklace very lovely. Exclusive VP's design in a one of a kind handmade gemstone necklace. This unique necklace would take you from the office to dinner as well as the weekend.