Sea Glass & Shells

We use recycled sea glass in our jewelry and as part of our sea shone collection we included some pieces made with natural sea shell.>Here is a little info on sea glass!


Sea glass used in our jewelry is primarily recycled glass, created from broken bottles, stained glass remnants, and beads. This colorful glass s broken, formed and  then tumbled with genuine beach sand, gravel, and salt water to replicate the roll of ocean waves. Natural sea glass begins as normal shards of broken glass that are then persistently tumbled and ground until the sharp edges are smoothed and rounded. In this process, the glass loses its slick surface but gains a frosted appearance over many years.

Here is a bit of info on sea shells. A seashell or sea shell, also known simply as a shell, is a hard, protective outer layer created by an animal that lives in the sea. The shell is part of the body of the animal. Empty seashells are often found washed up on beaches.. The shells are empty because the animal has died and the soft parts have been eaten by another animal.


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