Man's Natural Braided Leather Bracelet with Turquoise Clasp

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Supple natural braided leather bracelet for a man.

Best Buy. Whether you want a bracelet that is fashionable for the office or a sporty look for the weekend this man's natural tan braided leather bracelet will be perfect. A Chinese turquoise inlaid magnetic clasp completes this supple natural leather bracelet. This man's leather bracelet is 8 inches fits up to a 7 3/4 inch wrist. This natural 5 ply braided leather bracelet accented with silver and turquoise clasp making it a perfect width to encircle his wrist.
  • 15mm supple 5 ply braided leather
  • Silver & Chinese Turquoise clasp
  • Length 8"

Natural leather bracelet for a man who want the best in affordable 5 ply braided leather bracelets. Buy Now