Multi Gemstone Double Stranded Necklace

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Stunning Tri-colored Turquoise, Peridot & Bamboo Coral Necklace

A pretty combination of gemstones in this handmade necklace. This double strand necklace features 6mm peridot heishi, 5mm red coral beads and 6.5mm pilot mountain turquoise beads in a unique pattern. This 17 1/2 and 18 inch necklace is finished with a gold plated clasp. An unique design sets this turquoise necklace off from all others. This double strand necklace of peridot, red coral and turquoise can be your today.

  • 6mm peridot heishi, beads
  • 5mm red bamboo coral beads
  • 6.5mm pilot mountain turquoise beads
  • Gold plated clasp

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