Covellite Pendant Necklace On Sterling Silver Chain

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Rare gemstone covellite pendant necklace on a sterling liquid silver chain.

This beautiful navy blue gemstone pendant necklace featuring a 35 by 15mm rare covellite cabochon with a pretty sterling silver bail. This beautiful deep navy metallic flecked with silvery pyrite pendant is hung on an 18 inch sterling silver 10 strand liquid silver chain. This most unusual stone pendant necklace is one of a kind. Covellite is a rare stone mined in the western mountains of Montana near Butte but only in small deposits have been found. The covellite gemstone used in this pendant necklace was cut by a skilled lapidarist to show the beauty and unique sparkle of the stone. Are you looking for just the right touch of glamour and sophistication in an accessory for that night out on the town with your love of your life than you have found it in this beautiful rare covellite pendant necklace.