Tagua Nuts

Tagua (tog-wa) nut bead jewelry, an eco-friendly product are made from the nuts of South American rain forest palm trees. The Tagua nut is often called vegetable ivory or palm ivory, due to its color and rock-hardness when dried. Tagua nuts serves nicely as an environmentally sensitive substitute for animal ivory and can be made into beautiful carved figurines and beads. Each unique bead used in Vp's Jewelry Tagua Nut Collection is dyed in rich, fade proof colors before being hand craved and polished to a luxuriant luster. Each bead has a unique look upon close review revealing a beautiful grain.We We have big bold tagua nut jewelry and delicate pieces too.

Tagua nut jewelry make a perfect teachers or hostess gift.

A purchase of VP's Eco-friendly Tagua Nut jewelry help the people in the rain forest of South American earn a fair wage. Here's what a raw tagua nut looks like before i's polished and dyed

Tagua Nut