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Jewelry that's Perfect for a Kid

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  2. Child's crystal butterfly bracelet
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  4. Childs pink handmade bracelet
  5. Kid's blue & white  braided heart bracelet
  6. Kid's red, blue & white  braided butterfly bracelet
  7. Kid's black braided I Love My Cat bracelet
  8. Kid's black braided emoji bracelet
  9. Ruby & rose Swarovski crystal bracelet
  10. Black leather bracelet with horse accent  for the small wrist
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  11. Pretty pink & aqua leather bracelet with heart buckle style clasp
  12. Purple leather bracelet with butterflies for the small wrist
  13. Pretty pink braided leather bracelet with cat paws
  14. Buy trendy style in a kid's vegan alternative to leather bracelet
  15. Buy 5 kitty adored this child's braided leather bracelet online
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  16. Pretty pink braided leather double cord bracelet
  17. Kid's blue bracelet with Ilove you abstract heart accent
  18. Pretty red & cream leather bracelet for a child